Strong is SEXY.  Being strong is also an important part of your long term health.  We left heavy weights and we do it often.  Read more about CrossFit Strength.


CrossFit defines fitness as the development of 10 different aspects of athletic performance.  Learn more about CrossFit's definition of Fitness and how to achieve it.


More strength..? Better health..? Sometimes it just boils down to wanting to look better. Find out how much fun it can be transforming your body.

Work smarter or work harder? Which is more important – skill and technical competence, or heart and effort?

I’m a teacher, and what I teach are physical skills. CrossFit is high-skill fitness. The big variables that set CrossFit apart are not safety, efficacy, efficiency. Oh yes, CrossFit achieves those three better than any other system or method… yes, in that sense, it sets us apart from everyone else. But those are the effects, […]

What People Are Saying About Us

Just wanted to say “thank you” for having a grunt school program.

Craig and I went from feeling completely intimidated and out of shape to totally welcomed and ready to take on the challenges of Crossfit! For our first day today, seeing familiar faces was a bonus but the technique training was priceless. We learned so much in just one month.

Craig said that beating his first time in the repeat intro session at the end really made you see how far you had come and I agree. Great program, great trainers, and great business model.

P.S. I am about half-way through The Better Baby Book, very interesting and informative…I had a hard time putting it down.

Jessica Humphrey

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