Come try Hammer CrossFit for a full 7 days….FREE!

We know there are a lot of options out there when it comes to fitness. We feel that Hammer CrossFit is among the best. We feel so strongly that you’ll agree that we’d like to invite you to try us out for a full week…on us!

Just sign up using the forms provided on this page and we’ll contact you to get you set up. We’ll arrange a first meeting so you can meet the owners and get all of your questions answered. At that meeting we can go over the schedule and figure out which classes will be best for your FREE trial week. Dress for a work out on this initial meeting day and we’ll run you through a short, but challenging workout to give us a clear picture of your fitness level.


Some questions you might have about Hammer CrossFit

  • Why does CrossFit only use high-intensity, functional movements?
  • How does CrossFit get such superior results, so quickly?
  • Why so much focus on skill and technique? Why not just brute hard work?
  • How can I possibly do the same fitness program that trains the fittest athletes on earth?
  • How can you offer such elite-level training in Gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, so inexpensively?
  • If I’m already so fit and experienced, why do I have to do an introductory skill- and technique- development program?

Whether you are a former professional athlete, a mother of three, a busy professional, a student or just plain looking to get in the best shape of your life…   your mind will be blown by what CrossFit will do for you. Our intensive introduction program, will shock you both with the results you get and how much you learn.  We spend 80% of our time learning new skills and technique… and only about 30 minutes per week working out… and yet we will show you, with measurements, how much your raw fitness capacity improves in 4 weeks!

Sign up for you FREE week right now, we are positive you’ll love us!

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