HS Walking Drills 8min EMOM

Box walks
Wall Walks laterally
Shoulder Taps
Lateral Box walks over Plate

Tabata: 8 min Total

L-sit Holds
Sit ups
GHD Hip Ext.
HS walking/Drill

(Complete all 4 rounds at each station before switching)

WOD:: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
The Phantom:
6 Rounds

1min T2B
1 min KB Swings 53/35
1 min Step ups 20/24
1 min Rest

Score is total reps after all 6 rounds
GOAL: AMRAP for each min.

RX+ 70/53 KB Swings

Scale Options:
T2B– Kipping L sits toes chest-chin height

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